recent work

Let's get straight to it then! Below is a very small snippet of recent commercial work I've shot and edited (unless otherwise stated). It's hopefully a nice glimpse of the variety of work I do, a mix of genres, clients and projects.

Client: Vans Europe
Agency: Kemmler & Kemmler (Berlin)

A high energy 20 second social clip to promote the 'House of Vans' customisation workshop that is coming to the Bread & Butter Festival in Berlin, 2018. Shot and edited by myself, with Berlin filmmaker Stini Rohrs shooting along side and collobarting with creative agency Kemmler & Kemmler to refine the finished look and style. This was also edited down and re-formatted to portrait for use on Instagram stories and paid advertising.

Client: Discovery Learning
Full Version: Click Here

Another high paced 24 second social clip, this time for Discovery Learning who provide vocational training courses for the health and fitness industry. This version has no voice over, just music and text overlays to keep it punchy. Please check out the full version linked above, for the full 1 minute film! This was a collaborative shoot & edit effort between myself and film maker Ben Hay.

Client: Soil and Solder

Slowing it down for a minute, a 1 minute profile on Soil and Solder owner Joe Earley and his hand crafted terrariums made from recycled glass.

A little personal project of mine, limiting myself to a 1 day shoot and a 1 minute edit. Fitting personal work around my professional work is really difficult these days but when I get a chance it can be some of the most rewarding work I do. Hope you enjoy!

Client: House of Vans, London

A high energy 20 second social clip to promote HOV's 'Share The Stage' competition. This was a fun edit to make, combining live action footage I'd shot previously at events and mixing it with still photography. One of my favourites.

Client: Hotel Cafe Royal
Agency: Zoo 
Full Version: Click Here 
Role: Directed, Shot & Edited
2nd Camera: Ben Hay

This is part of a series of films I shot and edited for Hotel Cafe Royal in collaboration with Zoo Communications. This one in particular is a fast paced 20 second social cut down to advertise the new restaurant ‘Laurent’. The full video features an interview with Chef Laurent diving into his favourite dishes and what it means to be back at HCR (this time with his own restaurant!) after so many years. 

Client: Forbo | Tibor
Full Version: Click Here 
Role: Directed, Shot & Edited
2nd Camera: Ben Hay

Forbo Flooring Systems have now teamed up with British design legend Tibor on an exciting new range for Flotex. Pioneering textile designer Tibor Reich – creator of Tibor - was a man ahead of his time. Although these striking patterns date from the 1950s, they could have been designed yesterday. 

This is a shortened 1 minute teaser version for social.

Client: Forbo Flooring
Project: Designing spaces with an emphasis on Education, Health and Wellbeing
Role: Directed, Shot & Edited
2nd Camera: Ben Hay

Two short sit-down interviews and B-Roll for Forbo Flooring. With Naomi Cleaver (Interior Designer) and Chris Radcliffe, Head of Interiors at Maber Architects.

Client: Johnston Sweepers | Richie Hopson
Project: Apprenticeships Film

A fast paced upbeat video to promote the apprentice scheme at Johnston Sweepers. This was a style and format that Johnstons, a traditional family company, had never really tried before but we were grateful for the creative freedom they gave us to create something a little different for them. Richie Hopson, (directing) approached me to shoot and edit this as he knew I had experience in both the corporate and manufacturing worlds, but also experienced in lifestyle films. So this was a great opportunity to mix our experiences of both and create something quite cool. 

Client: House of Vans, London
Project: All In: The Mind

Below are a series of four short 1 minute films I made for House of Vans and Mind Charity to promote their 'all in: the mind' exhibition. All four films were shot on the same day in four different locations around London. Hectic but well worth it! It was awesome to meet so many creative people all in their natural habitat, all on the same day

Client: House of Vans, London
Project: Studio PSK: Chroma

This is a series of three short 1 minute films I made for House of Vans and Studio PSK to promote their 'Chroma' exhibition. Each film concentrated on one artist, gave a flavour of their style and documented their process of designing for their show piece.

Client: Forbo Flooring
Project: Tessera Cloudscape

The Tessera Cloudscape flooring product by Forbo is inspired by the constantly changing vista of cloud formations and the rich spectrum of light and colour, which provide a bridge to the outside, helping us to reconnect and get back in touch with nature.

Client: Forbo Flooring
Project: Behind The Scenes

A fun behind the scenes ‘BTS’ video I shot and editing. The HemingwayDesign x Forbo Flooring Systems collaboration plays with pattern and shape by placing an emphasis on the floor as a surface for graphic art and geometric print.

Client: Paasonic | Guidance
Director: Rob Smith
Role: Shoot & Edit

A 'Twin Peaks' inspired Music Video. 

Client: NIKE | Mighty Mighty
Agency: Mighty Mighty
Project: Nike: So Gassed - Basketball Social Film
Role: 2nd Camera 

A fun social film for the Nike 'So Gassed' Tournament. Shot & Edited by Dan Magee with myself providing 2nd camera.