Alex 'Pas' Pasquini has been filming skateboarding for the best part of 14 years both personally and professionally. From scene videos to tour videos, on every format from super 8mm film to HD, and on every medium from DVD to satellite televised broadcasts (Curb Surfers, StoryBoards) and web.

Below are just a few highlights of work...


VANS shop riot uk 2016

Title: Vans Shop Riot 2016
Client: Vans, 2016

Info: The UK leg of the Vans Shop Riot series happened over the weekend at Flo Skatepark. Nottingham welcomed hundreds of skaters, shop staff and spectators from across the country as the UK edition of Vans Shop Riot went down in epic style. With the UK’s heavy past of dominating at the European finals and the majority of stores having competed in the event for a number of consecutive years, it was guaranteed to be a great weekend. All 28 skate shops that made the journey to spend a weekend in Nottingham put in their all to try take home some cash and a ticket to the European finals. Vans Shop Riot veterans and now seven time winners 'The Black Sheep' took home 1st place and a prize of £1500. There was an onslaught of driveway destruction from birthday boy Jordan Sharkey, Rob Smith jumping from the rafters and Jiri Bulin nailing every rail led to another historic success.


Title: House Of Vans Manchester 2015
Client: Vans, 2015

Info: On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October #HouseOfVans headed north to Manchester for a weekend of skate comps, workshops and some of the biggest names in electronic, dub and drum & bass.

VANS: VANS classic & london

Title: Vans Classic & London
Client: Vans, House of Vans, 2015

Info: Vans Classic & London! In-store workshops, live street murals, exhibitions & live music in London. To mark the 1977 debut of the Old Skool as the first ever Vans shoe to feature the iconic sidestripe.Here in lies the inspiration behind Classic & London: a two week takeover of the city bringing together the best in creative talent that London has to offer with a series of Vans in-store workshops, live street murals, exhibitions & live music.





Title: Vans Wear Test at House of Vans London
Client: Vans, 2015

Info: The 3rd of March saw the House of Vans London play host of the 2nd wear test held in the UK. Invited stores from across the country and the rest of Europe were in attendance to try out the latest TNT SG shoe from the Anti Hero collaboration.

Monster Energy: Copenhagen Bowl Jam 2014

Title: Copenhagen Bowl Jam 2014
Client: Monster Energy, 2014

Info: My 4th year shooting the CPH Pro Competition for Monster. Copenhagen, Denmark. Renowned as one of Planet Earth’s happiest cities has developed into a Skateboard Wonderland over the last decade. Countless Teams, Pro’s, Freaks and Fans have made the annual trip for the Copenhagen Pro since its’ inception and this August, the amazing people at the CPH Skatepark decided to try something new. We bring you... The first ever CPH BOWL JAM!

Previous Events for Monster:



Altered FOcus: Burma

Title: Altered Focus: Burma
Role: Filmed & Directed
Client: Hotknees Media / Self


  •  Winner of Best Independent and Emerging Film Makers at the International Skateboard Film Festival 2011
  • Vimeo Staff Pick

Impact: 170,000 views across Vimeo, Youtube and Mpora platforms. 

Info: Filmed in the summer of 2009, Altered Focus: Burma follows three film makers and skateboarders as they travel across Yangon and Mandalay. The film explores the reaction to this unseen activity whilst touching on the political situation there.

Carve Wicked: PORTUGOONS: 7 Days in Portugal

Title: Carve Wicked - PORTUGOONS: 7 Days in Portugal
Role: Filmmaker
Client: CarveWicked / Monster

Shot over seven days in Portugal. Featuring Alex Perelson, Tim Zom, Rob Smith, Phil Zwijsen, Sam Pulley, Jake Collins, Julien Benoliel, Sam Beckett, Fernando Bramsmark and Sox. Belmonte park and Street. 

Also featured on The Berrics 

ABD Agency / Kingpin Magazine: Helsinki Hookup 2013

Title: Helsinki Hookup 2013
Role: Filmmaker
Client: ABD Agency / Kingpin Magazine

Impact: 58,000 views

Info: A weekend in Helsinki for the Helsinki Hookup 2013 with Street, DIY and Event coverage.

'Curb Surfers' and 'storyboards'

Title: Storyboards, 2009 (Historic)
Role: Co-Creator, Filmer & Editor
Client: Sumo TV, Sentanta Sports, Mpora, Hotknees

Info: Following on from a very successful 2 series run of 'Curb Surfers' on Sumo TV (Sky satellite channel). Myself and James Holman ( created Storyboards: a four part, thirty minute, mini-series covering UK and European skateboard events. Broadcasted on Setanta Sports 2 from the June 9th '09 and then on Mpora as web content. More information at